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19 July 2021


Hi everyone again.I started to write finally.Today I will show how to use wfuzz tool and what is it work fuzzying?So I solved a hackthebox web challenge about fuzzying .I censored some parts but you can understand easly.



First of all I was need to find right directory so I started work with dirbuster tool. I used directory-list-w.3-medium.txt as wordlist.And I set up file extension as .php. And started to find php pages.


I found a directory and there was has a php page .So I went to the page.


I faced this error when I went to the page.And Fuzzying is started in this point


I used wfuzz is very useful tool I absolutely recommended thi tool. If you dont know a parameter or a page name you can use to find the unknown things. You just put the word FUZZ to unknown where.In the our case not known a parameter so I put it end of the question mark.Because we know if it is have a parameter it is come after question mark.And I used --hw parameter because I knew our parameter is existing over 4 word. In the end it found a parameter you can see in payload part.


When I used the paramter in the url we I got one more error.This time I need to find right id. So I started fuzzying again.


This time I put it right of equal.Because We dont know a value .And I used big.txt wordlist . And this word is existing over 5 word.I know that because I tried before.And I found a value .


End of the day I used it in url and went to there.And I got flag.



I absolutely recommended to look the challenge super easy and super fun.I had fun when I was solving You can try to solve the challenge at least you can learn wfuzz tool how to use basicly. Have a good hacks .See you again :)


by Ghroot