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19 July 2021

[VulnHub] Unknowndevice64:2 WriteUp For Android Pentesters

It was different experience for me.Because I did android pentesting in first time. It was just like introduce to android hack.This machine level is Beginner. You should read machine main page before start because You need to set nomodeset to GRUB.You can do easly with video in description.



If you see the screen you did settings correctly.


I started to detect target ip again with netdiscover -r I used NAT network option by the way.


I did nmap scanning for port and service couples.


And finally I used adb tool.I read many thing about that but I haven’t been used ever. You can read some basic things in this link . I connected to device with adb and listed devices for see we have connections which devices. And I got shell with adb shell


I started some basic enumeration.Honestly I didn’t know How I proceed. But I saw system directory and decided go there.


I found flag.txt.I tried to read the file.I couldn’t be successfull. I tried basic root command su and it worked I got root.


I went to same directory and read .



There is have one more way as authors’ said. You can feel free share with me If you will found the way . It was really easy but a step for mobil pentesting to me .I liked the machine. Have a good hacks .See you next machines :)


by Ghroot